Florida woman threatened man over his sausage

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Yvonne Wilkerson

Ocklawaha, Florida — An Ocklawaha woman remains behind bars after she was arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery.

A deputy responded to Tall Pines Mobile Home Park, located at 11565 East Highway C25, Ocklawaha, following reports of a disturbance.

When the deputy arrived, the victim stated that he was standing at the stove cooking sausage and had asked the defendant, identified as Yvonne L. Wilkerson, 30, who was on the couch, if she wanted any since he was already cooking. The victim said that Wilkerson did not answer so he cooked it anyway.

According to the arrest affidavit, while the victim was cooking Wilkerson’s sausage, she walked up behind him and pressed a knife to his genitals. The victim stated that he had to reposition himself due to the pressure she had applied with the knife.

Wilkerson then stated, “I am gonna put this up your ASS.”

The victim said he had to beg her to stop due to the amount of pressure she was applying to his groin area.

According to reports, as Wilkerson lowered the knife, she pointed her finger in the victim’s face and stated, “you sorry son of a bi**h.”

She then returned to the couch.

The victim then grabbed his sausage, walked outside, and called 911.

Wilkerson was in possession of the knife but denied any wrongdoing. She was apparently aggravated because the victim bothered her why she was on the couch.

Wilkerson did not get to eat her sausage.