Woman says she should be entitled to a job no matter what

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A woman with face tattoos and a dozen face piercings turned to social media to express her anger after being denied a job.

Ash O’Brien (Putnam) says that she applied to TJ Maxx and was turned down due to her tattoos and piercings. TJ Maxx denies that her tattoos had anything to do with her not getting the job.

O’Brien, stated, “I applied to TJ Maxx a few weeks ago and they denied my application. They couldn’t even call me. They just sent me some automated email.”

She said she was annoyed at the situation and went to TJ Maxx to confront the manager.

“So went in today and I was like, ‘What was the reason I didn’t get hired?’ And she was like, ‘Oh, like you just don’t have enough experience. There [were] candidates that had more experience than you,” O’Brien said in a video she posted to social media.

“I asked her if it was ‘cause of my tattoos, ‘cause obviously a lot of places don’t like tattoos,” she stated. “[TJ Maxx] said that wasn’t the reason. I don’t feel like that’s true but whatever I’ll leave it at that.”

O’Brien went on to say, “I wanna know if I’m the only one experiencing this or not. I hate that my tattoos are such a defining factor for me getting a job or not. Like, just because I have tattoos doesn’t mean I’m not gonna be a good worker… I do not understand that at all because quite literally some of the most smart, intelligent people I’ve ever met are people with tattoos and piercings.”

She said that in other countries people with tattoos get hired easily.

“Has America not got on the bandwagon, yet?” she asked.

She said now she plans to create an Only Fans account to make money.