The Daily Lash banned from publishing articles on NewsBreak, the stories that got us banned

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Just when you thought censorship could not get any more ridiculous, NewsBreak, a company specifically designed for publishers to share content, has blocked The Daily Lash (TDL) from sharing news articles.

TDL received approximately two million page views per month on the NewsBreak platform, however, that came to a screeching halt after a woman complained about two articles involving two Florida men.

The articles, all true stories, by the way, were about a man from Citra, Florida who had sex with a miniature horse and another Florida man who performed a botched castration on another man. The reader first complained to TDL and, when TDL refused to take down the article, she complained to NewsBreak. In turn, NewsBreak immediately blocked TDL from publishing further stories.

Following the incident, TDL learned that NewsBreak is based in communist China.

This is the second blow to TDL. The first being when Facebook deleted TDL’s Facebook page following a damning story about Facebook using algorithms to censor conservatives. TDL lost over a million subscribers and was forced to start from scratch.

The bestiality story was from 2018, and the castration story was from 2019…both had resurfaced and had been shared thousands of times…going viral for a second time.