Florida woman removed adult toy from package, used it while still in store

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Theresa Stanley

Fort Pierce, Florida — A Florida woman was arrested after she removed a sex toy from a shelf, stripped off her clothes, and began pleasuring herself while still in the store.

Police said Theresa Stanley, 36, had stolen the pink sex toy from a shelf, removed it from the packaging, took off her pants, and began using it.

According to the arrest affidavit, by the time police arrived at the Lion’s Den, Stanley was completely nude and had moved to the stock room area to continue pleasuring herself.

“When I entered the room she as sitting in an office chair with her legs spread and propped up on a desk. She was using a pink, penis-shaped toy to masturbate herself,” the officer wrote.

The report states that when a police officer entered the stock room, Stanley stopped what she was doing and dropped to the floor.

Stanley told police she just couldn’t resist.

The adult toy was valued at $45.98. The merchandise was taken as evidence but later returned to the store.

Stanley was charged with Petit Theft and Indecent Exposure.