Florida Teacher’s assistant had sex with girl from Tinder, turned out to be a student

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Nicholas Elder

Ocala, Florida — Ocala Police Department detectives arrested a Vanguard High School teacher’s assistant after they were notified that he had been having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student.

Nicholas Elder, 31, has been charged with Unlawful Sex with a Minor.

On August 6, the Department of Children and Families received an anonymous complaint stating that Elder had been involved with two female students from VHS. The School was notified, at which time the school resource officer notified OPD.

When questioning the 17-year-old, she told detectives that she met Elder on Tinder. She stated that she had been fighting with her mother and when she decided to move out, Elder offered for her to live with him.

She stated that the two began a romantic relationship and were living together as a couple. She told detectives that she did not want to have sex with Elder, but did so because she felt pressured. She later stated that she was not forced. Additionally, she told detectives that, on occasion, Elder provided her with marijuana and alcohol.

According to the arrest affidavit, the girl had originally told Elder that she was 18. Her profile on Tinder also indicated that she was 18. However, Elder admitted to investigators that he found out she was 17 prior to her moving in with him. He then admitted that he had sex with the girl.

The affidavit states that the girl’s mother knew her daughter had moved in with Elder, even doing a “well-being” check on her while she was staying at his apartment.

A search of Elder’s phone revealed that he had numerous nude photos of young women as well as explicit videos that had been sent to him.

Detectives stated that Elder could be facing other charges as there might be other victims.

Elder told police that he felt like he was the one being taken advantage of.