Florida man fractured woman’s face, skull with baseball bat

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A Florida man is now behind bars after he was arrested for bashing a woman in the head with a baseball bat.

Deputies responded to the Stage Stop Inn, 5131 E. Silver Springs Blvd., on Friday after a caller stated that a woman was possibly dead.

When deputies arrived, they found that a woman had been savagely beaten and was lying in a pool of blood on a sidewalk.

The woman was unconscious but still had a pulse.

Motel security footage showed a man chasing the woman, and as he caught up to her, he slammed her in the back of the head with a baseball bat. When the woman fell to the ground, the suspect, later identified as Chad Paul Anciaux, 33, hit the woman five more times in the face and head with the bat until she stopped moving.

Anciaux then fled on foot.

Anciaux was later spotted by a deputy, who exited his vehicle and became involved in a physical altercation with him. Anciaux ran and the deputy pursued him on foot.

According to reports, Anciaux was tased and taken into custody. He told deputies that he loved the woman and was worried about their child they had together.

The woman suffered facial and skull fractures. She remains in critical condition.

Anciaux was charged with Attempted First-Degree Murder and is being held without bail.

He refused to cooperate with deputies during an interview.