Florida Fraternal Order of Police president suspended, wanted to hire violent cops

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Lt. Bert Gamin was suspended by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Officer over Facebook posts that appeared to welcome violent police officers.

The president of a Fraternal Order of Police chapter in Florida, an agency with a habit of siding with corrupt law enforcement agencies, was suspended from his position at a sheriff’s office following a Facebook post telling cops who have been fired, suspended, or otherwise accused of misconduct in other areas to apply for jobs in Florida.

The FOP represents approximately 330,000 law enforcement officers.

In the two now-deleted weekend posts Brevard County Sheriff’s Lt. Bert Gamin wrote: “Hey Buffalo 57 and Atlanta 6 we are hiring in Florida. Lower taxes, no spineless leadership, or dumb mayors rambling on at press conferences. Plus, we got your back! #lawandorderFlorida.”

Gamin’s statement make sense seeing as though Florida is in the top five in the US for most corrupt law enforcement agencies. Marion County Florida leads the way as well as has the highest incarceration rate in the state, according to the Department of
Justice. New York leads the US for most police corruption and has been since the 80s.

“Atlanta 6″ refers to the six Atlanta police officers who were booked, five on felony charges, after being accused of using excessive force on two black college students who were leaving a protest in their car. In a video recording of the incident, the officers are seen breaking the vehicle’s windows, pulling the female student out of the car, and tasing the male student.”

Atalanta has a long history of hiring officers who already had a criminal history.

“Buffalo 57″ appears to refer to the 57 police officers in Buffalo, New York, who resigned from the force’s emergency response team following the suspension of two officers who were captured on video pushing a 75-year-old protester to the ground.”

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Screenshot of the FB post made by Gamin.

This is just to name a few…there are literally more than 100 other officers who are now either suspended or fired after video surfaced of them attacking citizens for no reason. Many have also been fired after attacking journalists knowing they were being filmed. They attacked without being provoked in any way.

“What’s scary is that they knew they were being filmed and did not care. It shows they are used to getting away with it,” a BBC journalist wrote.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey suspended Gamin with pay while an investigation takes place. Gamin is not using his PTO, he is actually still being paid on the taxpayer’s dime.

During a press conference, Ivey said he was outraged over the Facebook posts. Ivey said the posts are  “disgusting” He has since distanced his department from the FOP.

Ivy stated, “I shared with him, I can’t even use the term disappointment because that does not qualify enough to say how I felt. I think the best word is what I used a few minutes ago, disgusting.”