President Donald Trump: Fire upon any Iranian vessel if they taunt U.S Navy ships

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The U.S. Navy said 11 Iranian gunboats crossed the bows and sterns of the U.S vessels at extremely close range and high speeds, taunting the crew.

President Donald Trump fired back and said he ordered navy ships to fire upon any Iranian vessel if they taunt U.S Navy ships.


Democrats immediately attacked Trump, blaming him for a slight increase in oil prices. Reporters with MSNBC also attacked Trump; calling his statement a “knee jerk” reaction.

Trump says the days of drawing a red line are over and will do whatever it takes to protect our military and security of America.

This threat comes after U.S Space Command said Iran launched its first successful military satellite. U.S officials warn that the same technology used to launch satellites is the same technology used to launch long-range missiles capable of reaching the U.S.

The Pentagon warned Iran, stating that if this is the path Iran wants to take, then they should tread carefully.

Iran accused Trump of being a bully.

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