On national TV, Democratic presidential candidates say El Paso shooting was Trump’s fault, leave out actual facts


On MSNBC, Democratic presidential candidates Beto O’Rourke, U.S. Sen. Cory Booker,  and Sen. Kamala Devi Harris blatantly blamed President Donald Trump for the shooting that left 20 people dead in El Paso, Texas.

The shooter, who was identified as 21-year-old Patrick Crusius of Allen, Texas, allegedly posted a white nationalist manifesto online prior to the attack. The manifesto allegedly directly mentions Mexicans who are in the U.S illegally.

The shooting, thus far, has been labeled as a hate crime.

O’Rourke says that Crusius pulled the trigger because of Trump’s “rhetoric.”

During an interview, former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro, told Fox News, “There’s one person that’s responsible directly for Saturday’s shooting in El Paso, Texas…and that’s the shooter.”

In a separate interview, Castro said, “Only the shooter bears “direct” responsibility. These shooters are ultimately to blame for their actions.”

All three presidential candidates accused Trump of embracing white nationalism, essentially accusing him of being a racist because he wants to, as Trumps says, follow U.S law, and deport illegal immigrants.

During his interview with MSNBC, when addressing illegal immigrants, O’Rourke leaves out the term “illegal.” He told MSNBC that illegal immigrants commit fewer crimes than U.S citizens. However, according to law enforcement officials, his claims are false.

According to ICE, in 2015, of the 235,413 illegal immigrants that were actually captured and arrested, more than 59 percent of them had criminal backgrounds. Homeland Security says that this figure is only based on those who were captured and deported, so the number could be much higher. Most of those who were deported were detected because the reoffended while in the U.S illegally.

Additionally, illegal immigrants drive illegally…no car insurance and no drivers license. Meaning, if they cause an accident, the other driver has no legal recourse. Law enforcement officials nationwide report that majority of all illegal immigrants who cause an accident flees the scene if they are able to.

O’Rourke says that El Paso is mostly made up of “immigrants.” He says that El Paso is one of the safest cities in the nation. What he neglects to mention is that, according to The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Texas is 18th in the U.S for the most strongly armed. El Paso is also open carry. The city is safe, not because they have ceased the sale of firearms, but because every other citizen is armed and willing to protect themselves. Therefore, it is just the opposite of his statement that guns cause violence. According to research, the crime rate is low because criminals know the likelihood of being shot by a law-abiding citizen is extremely high.

O’Rourke, Booker, and Harris all told MSNBC that all sales of “weapons of war” must be stopped.

Booker claims that states that have strict gun laws or prohibit the sale of guns are much safer. Again, his statement is completely false and opposite of the truth. After all, Booker is from New Jersey, a state dubbed the cesspool of the U.S. A state overridden with violent crime and drugs, yet has strict gun laws.

Harris is from California. A state with ridiculously strict gun laws, yet the state is one of the worst in the nation for violent crimes committed with guns. Ironically, the bankrupt state is also overridden with illegal immigrants.

The President has said many times, you cannot keep guns out of the hands of criminals…they do not follow the law.

Oddly enough, all three candidates insist that states with strict gun laws are the best place to raise a family. Even odder, New Jersey and California, two states with strict gun laws, are in the top 20 for worst places to raise a family.

The Department Of Justice conducted a massive survey among convicted felons. The survey asked: What deterred criminals more, armed victims or the police? The results were stunning. The majority said they are not scared of the police at all. More than 57 percent of felons polled that criminals are more worried about confronting an armed victim than they are about the police.

Researcher Gary Kleck proved that 92 percent of criminal attacks are deterred when a gun is presented by the victim or in plain sight to criminals, without a shot ever having to be fired. Open carry has been proven time and time again to deter crime. States that have open carry such as Alaska, have an extremely low crime rate.

The gun debate is not anything new. It has been in the spotlight since the early ’80s. In 1982, Atlanta suburb Kennesaw passed an ordinance that required all households to have a gun. You read correctly, it was a requirement. The residential burglary rate subsequently dropped 89 percent in Kennesaw, compared to the modest 10.4 percent drop in Georgia as a whole.

Thirty years later, the residential burglary rate in Kennesaw is still 72 percent lower than before the ordinance was passed. Proving that when criminals know a citizen is armed, they will not proceed. It mirrors that old joke, “criminals will never rob a doughnut shop because that’s where all the cops are.”

Democrats immediately politicized the El Paso tragedy.

Immediately following the El Paso shooting, a reporter asked Texas Gov. Greg Abbott about stricter gun laws.

Gov. Abbott said, “Listen, there are bodies that have not yet been recovered. I think we need to focus on memorials before we start the politics.”

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick explicitly warned the left-wing group ANTIFA, backed by Democrats, against coming to the state following the mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart. He warned that there would be extreme consequences for any left-wing group member who attempts to cause havoc in El Paso.

Lt. Gov. Patrick then corrected himself on ANTIFA staying out of El Paso, and stated, “actually, stay out of Texas.”

President Trump is expected to address the nation on Monday.

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