Facebook bans American company for advertising patriotic merchandise, you won’t believe why

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PatrioticMe, a company founded by wife and mother, LeeAnn Miller, has been ban by Facebook from advertising patriotic merchandise.

Millers said she began having issues with her advertising the day after Joe Biden was elected president.

The merchandise sold by the company is patriotic in nature — red, white, blue, and the terms “America” and “USA.” All of their products are made and printed in the U.S.

Miller feels that she was ban from advertising simply because the products are based on patriotism.

PatroticME has a partnership with Quantify, a business development firm, which advertises Miller’s products on Facebook. Quantify has hundreds of clients.

The advertisement that Facebook said violated its advertising policy reads as follows:

“Loving your country shouldn’t be hidden.

Check out our new line of long sleeve shirts!

We have an attractive range of patriotic clothes to show that love off! 10% off on your order for a limited time!

Every time you purchase, We donate a portion of it to the Tunnel to the Towers Foundation.” (A foundation directly related to those who died on 9/11.)

The ad featured a model wearing an American flag t-shirt similar to the one shown below.

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In the “about” section of the companies Facebook page, it states, “Patriotic Me was founded because there this is no better place on Earth than the United States. Our ancestors came to America seeking opportunity so Patriotic Me’s products are our family’s way of giving back to the country that’s given us so much.”

Miller said, “It took about a year to get things exactly the way I wanted them… the products and the website. I believe in my product, I have a great product, I love the shirts, they’re comfortable. We get great reviews on them from the people who have bought them. And I really felt like I was doing something good for the country, to promote patriotism”

Facebook stated, “Our policies and standards help keep Facebook ‘safe and welcoming’ for everyone. We use either technology or a review team to remove anything that doesn’t comply with our policies or standards as quickly as possible.”

In other words, Facebook does not consider the American flag, the term “USA” or the term “America” welcoming. The company plans to remove the advertising of other companies as well.

Miller appealed Facebook’s decision to remove her ad three times. Following the third appeal, Facebook permanently disabled her ability to advertise anything pertaining to being a patriot.

In the eyes of Mark Zuckerberg, it is apparently unwelcoming to be a proud American.

Amazon is expected to follow suit.