CNN commentator mocks white guy who was beaten, robbed for supporting Trump


Racist CNN political commentator  Symone D. Sanders (@symoneDSanders), implies those who have beaten white people for supporting President-elect Donald Trump are “just protesting”.

Mocking a white man who was savagely beaten by blacks, Sanders said, “Oh my goodness, poor white people. Please, stop, stop it Carl.”

Sanders says Trump supporters are committing hate crimes against blacks, Muslims, etc. However, much of the “violence” Sanders was referring to was later proven to be false. In fact, one Muslim was charged with falsifying a police report.

According to reports, an 18-year-old University of Louisiana at Lafayette student told Lafayette Police that while she was walking near the University, two white men in a gray sedan approached her.

The student stated that the men yelled racial obscenities, pushed her down to the ground, and then attempted to rob her of her wallet and hijab.

The Civil Liberties Union immediately went on the defensive and attacked Trump.

When the tall tale started to get out of hand, the student confessed to fabricating the story.

In a statement, Lafayette Police said, “We do not take this lightly, and it’s made national news. There will be consequences.”

The girl was charged with Filing a False Police Report.

The University refused to speak about the matter.

In another incident, a Muslim female made false claims that a Trump supporter had pulled her hijab off her head inside a Wal-Mart and stated “welcome to white America.”

During the investigation, and after media outlets responded to her rhetoric on twitter and asked for the location of the Wal-Mart so security footage could be requested, she refused to respond.

Authorities later determined her claims to be false.

Hours after Trump’s win, a man placed a Nazi flag on the peak of his rooftop. Not long after, someone saw the flag, snapped a picture, and posted it to Twitter. This in turn started a media frenzy.

Hillary supporters immediately lashed out at white people and labeled everyone who had voted for Trump, a racist.

As it turned out, the man placed the flag on top of his house in protest of Trump. The man told authorities that he did not vote for Trump and does not support Nazis. He displayed the flag to say that those who voted for Trump are racists, and also to infer that Trump himself is a Nazi.

So far, the only evidence that Trump supporters have been in any way vocal toward minorities, came from two short video clips recorded by middle and high school children. And even in those instances, as with a photo CNN has circulated depicting a swastika and the words “Make America White Again” painted on a wall, there has been great skepticism by authorities that the circumstances were staged.

In a video posted on Twitter by ABC reporter Candace Smith, it allegedly shows a young girl being pepper sprayed in the face. Then a voice can allegedly be heard saying “get out of here you b**ch, ni**er lover.”

The video makes it appear as though the girl was physically and verbally attacked.

However, in the actual video, the girl attempted to stage a sexual assault. She claimed that a much older man had “touched her chest.” In the video, the man raised his hands to the crowd and said, “I never touched her.”

Moments later, the teen punched the man in the face. A second man in the crowd then pepper sprayed the 15-year-old. Then, you faintly hear a voice say I got that on camera. Authorities say that they believe the 20 second video clip that had been uploaded to twitter, was altered with a voice-over.

Fortunately for the man, a law enforcement officer who was not in view of the camera witnessed the entire incident. No charges were filed against the man. Additionally, he refused to press charges against the teen.

In all of these instances, the mainstream media sensationalized the hoaxes, but failed to do any real investigative reporting.

As for Sanders mocking white victims, her statement was made in reference to a white man, later identified as David Wilcox, 49, who was pulled from his car and savagely beaten.

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The incident started when Wilcox attempted to make a left hand turn onto Roosevelt Road in Chicago.

As he was about to negotiate the turn, a black sedan occupied by three black males and two black females, sideswiped Wilcox’s Pontiac.

Seconds later, while one of the occupants records, the other occupants pull Wilcox from his car and began to repeatedly punch and kick him.

You can hear the squeaky voice of one of the occupants chant, “you voted Trump, voted Trump.” A few more seconds into the video the suspects are heard saying, “don’t vote trump.”

While Wilcox attempted to defend himself, one of the suspects robbed his car.

One of the suspects then entered the vehicle, and while Wilcox held on through a back window, the suspect sped off.

Wilcox received multiple injuries during brutal attack.

Initially, Chicago police said they did not see anything political about the attack.

That changed when the Public Interest Legal Foundation stepped in and asked the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate the altercation. (Letter to DOJ)

The suspects are still at large.

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