Capitol Police Chief resigns, records show Capitol police refused help for free speech demonstration more than once

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Photo by The Daily Lash

Three days before free speech protesters showed up at the U. S. Capitol, the Pentagon asked U.S Capitol Police if they needed help from the National Guard. Then, when demonstrators showed on on January 6, President Trump tweeted he would send help.

New facts have now surfaced, and have been confirmed by the Daily Lash, that U.S. Capitol police turned down the help — not once, but twice.

“Capitol Police had planned for a free speech demonstration and didn’t need more help,” they said in a statement.

This information comes after a video surfaced of what seems to show police waving protestors past barricades.

The urgency to arrest people following the demonstration on January 6, has also raised questions as to why such urgency was not shown to rioters who burned down more than a dozen businesses and a police station over the summer. Fingers are pointing at a double standard on behalf of Democrats who often try and silence conservative Republicans, or conservatives in general.

Republican leaders, while not condoning the Capitol breach, say that democrats “barely lifted a finger” to stop the extreme violence and destruction of government property over the summer.

In fact, Kamala Harris fully supported the riots.

“But [protesters] are not going to stop. They’re not going to stop. They’re not. This is a movement. I’m telling you. They’re not going to stop, and everyone, beware. Because they’re not going to stop. They’re not going to stop before election day in November, and they are not going to stop after election day. And everyone should take note of that on both levels. That they’re not going to let up. And they should not, and we should not,” Kamala said in a video.

Several Capitol officials, including U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, Sergeant at Arms of the Senate Michael Stenger, and Sergeant at Arms of the House Paul Irving have all tendered their resignation.