Andrew Gillum connected with radical forces police say

Tallahassee Mayor, Andrew Gillum, the Democratic nominee for Florida governor, shared his support to abolish U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and implement a billion dollar tax increase during a CNN interview.

During the interview, CNN anchor John Berman asked,”[Republicans] are already coming for you based on your message. Ron DeSantis, the Republican nominee, had a statement about you, Andrew Gillum, that says that you want to abolish ICE. You do, correct?”

“We want to replace ICE with the Department of Justice. An entity that has not been tarnished in the same way as ICE has,” Gillum responded.

Gillum has been accused by many leaders of being one of Florida’s most corrupt Mayors in a city overrun with corruption and crime.

Sheriffs across Florida also say Gillum, who is currently under FBI investigation, is too radical.

Republican Governors Association Communications Director, Jon Thompson, said, “Gillum is connected to the most radical forces in Florida and is a part of the same movement that wants an end to the current prison and policing system. Andrew Gillum’s radical anti-police agenda would be a disaster for Florida.”

Gillum also wants open borders.