19 black families purchase land in Georgia to segregate themselves, create safe space/city for blacks

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Wilkinson County, Georgia — Nineteen black families are now being criticized after going public with their plan to build a city for blacks in Wilkinson County, Georgia on nearly 97 acres.

Real estate agent Ashley Scott, says “Welcome to Freedom.”

Scott said the goal is to create a city where blacks can be a tribe again and feel safe. The unincorporated rural area will be named “Freedom Georgia, A New Black City.”

“This is for my people,” Scott said.

Scott told the media, “We intend the city to be pro-black in every way.”

Scott’s friend, Rene Walters, president of the Georgia Freedom Initiative, said she and Scott came up with the idea after having severe anxiety over being black and fearing every time her husband left for work.

Scott said that the families plan to create their own city to include internet, stores, and recreation facilities. Additionally, they plan to have a fishing lake put on the property.

They also want to have their own police department.

Many have now labeled the families as racist, citing that if whites had perpetuated the same ideas they would be considered racist or White Nationalists.

Jamal Johnson, who is black, wrote, “I do not agree with this in any way. This is segregation all day long and it is illegal. Our ancestors fought against segregation and yet here we are. Blacks trying to segregate themselves…but call whites racist.”

Johnson’s post was echoed by thousands of others.

Since purchasing the property, the families have hosted a “Big Black Campout” event.

Scott says the plans to build a city safe for blacks is in direct response to the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, just to mention a few.

Scott said, “I encourage my people to continue protesting to bring attention to the injustices of our people.”

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