Black, left-wing Democrats: “Just stab the mother fu**er in the heart”

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Senator Mitch McConnell

Senator Mitch McConnell is staying at his home in Louisville, Kentucky while he recovers with a broken shoulder following a nasty fall.

On Monday, as he was trying to rest, a couple of left-wing protesters were outside his home disturbing the peace. They were banging cowbells, scraping shovels on the pavement, blowing whistles, and screaming.

One of the troublemakers streamed the situation live on Facebook.

A person can be heard making a statement about a voodoo doll. A woman then replies, “Just stab the mother fu**er in the heart, please.”

The protesters said their rant was in the name of gun control to prevent another white man from killing people. Maybe she assumes using a knife to kill someone is better.

On social media, John H. wrote, “If Senator Cory Booker had a son. Or maybe it’s AOC’s cousins. This video was most definitely inspired by the Democrats running for the presidency. Sickening.”

CNN and the New York Times, both recently accused of being heavily financed by Democrats in exchange for running certain stories, refused to show the video.

The video has since been removed from Facebook.

The video was emailed to The Daily Lash by a reader, however, we learned that it had been posted to Twitter by Ben Goldey (@bengoldey) and featured on The Daily Wire.